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Ekaiel plushies progress X3 by fangirlthefox Ekaiel plushies progress X3 :iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 1 8 MNK, hope you likey. XD by fangirlthefox MNK, hope you likey. XD :iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 2 16 If you can tell what it is... by fangirlthefox If you can tell what it is... :iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 3 15
A Losing Battle
Pierce it and stab it and bleed it and gut it
Kill it and drill it and spill it and shut it
The shield I use to defend my fragile feelings
the manifestation of emotions I tried to hold
in the palm of my hand to block all of heartache
is now scuffed, dirty, and broken.
Now what you see is what's inside of me
I want peace to reign
and I want to end pain
but it's not as easy as we thought it would be
Silence, does not help
and honesty does not help
and trying to relay some feeling will not help
all I need is a sign or guidelines
to fight in this war with my broken shield
not even a sword of aggression
I refuse to pick it up
All I can do is drink from this cup
and pray for no poison
while humming the tune
of a thousand dead men who march from their tomb.
:iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 3 12
Wtf, I broke the internet? by fangirlthefox Wtf, I broke the internet? :iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 2 44 Teehee, blue. by fangirlthefox Teehee, blue. :iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 0 6 Ekaiel Plushies WIP by fangirlthefox Ekaiel Plushies WIP :iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 3 24 ArtMEME: The Kimmie Edition by fangirlthefox ArtMEME: The Kimmie Edition :iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 3 37 Beachbuddies by fangirlthefox Beachbuddies :iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 5 26
LoZ: In the Shadows, Legend 1
The Legend of Zelda: In the Shadows
Legend One: Lazy Afternoon in an Empty Park
While traversing the Water Temple, the Hero of Time, Link, encountered a particularly striking foe which Navi, the blue fairy, (and Link's only source of information), gave a fitting name: Dark Link. Not only did Dark Link look like a dark version of the real thing in every way, shape, and form, but he also gripped in his gloved hands a perfect black mimic of the Master Sword. Not wanting to think too much about the being that replicated himself, he quickly discovered a way to slay his enemy, and carried out his business in the temple.
For the rest of the Hero's life, he never gave that enemy another thought, thinking he would never see Dark Link again. Little did he know, the Three Golden Goddesses had other plans, and were not done dabbling in Link's life just yet. Not even after his abrupt disappearance shortly following the Majora’s Mask incident. Not even, in fact, after his untimely demise.
:iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 1 10
Happy AkuRoku Day, Folks by fangirlthefox Happy AkuRoku Day, Folks :iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 3 58 .:Shed some light:. by fangirlthefox .:Shed some light:. :iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 7 29 Sketchy personality by fangirlthefox Sketchy personality :iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 2 9 Wardrobe Non-Malfunction... by fangirlthefox Wardrobe Non-Malfunction... :iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 3 34
.living. .breathing. .charade.
This time every day, he would come by this very stream. She blissfully stared at the flowers blooming nearby, not entirely caring that little drops of water from the stream would find their way to her skin and clothes. No, she didn't mind. This was Heaven, she thought. Nothing was better than this. And soon, he would come by and stroke her face gently, tell her loving words and listen to her daily ramblings. Honestly, she didn't know where he lived, only that he always made time in his day to come to this stream. This very stream. And today was no different. He arrived as he always did, with that soft smile that seemed so sweet to her.
It was plastic. The hand he used to help her to her feet was strong and firm. His smile never faltered. She giggled to herself, just like the little girl she was. This fairytale was hers alone, no one knew about it but her. He was all hers, this prince. When she was on her feet, he pulled her to him, held her close to himself. They shared this embrace fo
:iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 0 0
:HAPPY B-DAY CHIBISOLARFLARE: by fangirlthefox :HAPPY B-DAY CHIBISOLARFLARE: :iconfangirlthefox:fangirlthefox 35 19

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United States
Heyall, I'm Kim! XD

I like anime, video games, friends, and almost any hobby I get into. I am not a girly girl, but I will spam little :heart:'s and <3's all over the place. x3

If you discover that you have a problem with me, please step into my office send me a note to let me know, kay? :c I thrive on socialization, and am always ready to fix problems as they arise. That said....


Current Residence: Behind the mind's eye.
Operating System: Vista on my Lappytop.
MP3 player of choice: One that can hold MORE THAN 100 SONGS, GD IT.
Shell of choice: 83 One that's still on the critter, plz.
Wallpaper of choice: At the moment, a HetaliaxNintendo thing.
Skin of choice: The kind that's all stitched together. <3
Personal Quote: Don't know mine yet.
  • Listening to: Birthday Massacre - Movie
  • Reading: Various obscure BL manga
  • Playing: Resident Evilllll
  • Eating: Veggie-beef soup :3
  • Drinking: Kool-aid
Hey again guys.

I mentioned this in my last journal entry, but I've decided to change accounts. I've grown out of this one, and especially out of the title "fangirl", so without further ado, I'd like for all of you who still wish to follow/watch me to add:


While, you might guess, I intend to focus more on my original stories and less on fanwork, I will still be drawing fanart when I feel in the mood. :/ Really, I just needed a bit of change. orz

I'm slowly moving some of my deviations over to the new account and once they are moved from this one, I will delete them. Just so you know.

I still love y'all. ;u; This account's been a blast, especially finding all you wonderful people! I hope to see you at the other one!


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OTL I'VE BEEN DEAD. DEAD I TELL YOU! *cries and then hugs*
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I do hope you are well and that life is treating you well. =x

If it's not, I'll kick life's ASS fer ya. ;D

Anywhoo, so just stopping by to say hi. c:

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X3 :glomp:

Life's always a sucker, but I know where to punch.

How bout you? D: You doin' alright?

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Well, aside from my GF breaking up with me in a really horrible way, yea, I'm gewd. c:

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